We are an artist-driven collective working together to provide affordable, incubational art and performance space in our city.  
'Wake me When I'm Famous'

'Wake me When I'm Famous'

NVRLND began humbly in an abandoned auto body garage, with the goal to create an open-minded, affordable art space in which artists could gather, create, experiment and share their work with the public. 

NVRLND is a non-profit, arts and educational organization newly located in an old hotel and storefront space in the Ramsay neighbourhood of Calgary. 

We believe that art is a vital part of the way we see and understand the world around us, and are committed to collaborating with artists of multiple disciplines, thinkers and communities to help produce works that explore art, performance, music, technology and sustainability. 

At NVRLND we imagine the future and create spaces for others to do the same.


Our mission is to support community renewal in the city of Calgary by providing affordable "co-creating" rental space and self contained art studios through our financially sustainable social enterprise model.