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May - Banff Centre - Making Art for Spirit - Photography workshop in
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Kelly Isaak.


Kelly Isaak is a Calgary-based artist whose work deals with her fascination with the human figure. She splits her focus between the study of the human form and on portraiture. In her portrait work, Kelly often works with her family and friends as models. She also chooses to draw strangers she wants to make more of a connection with. Kelly finds the subtle variations in people’s faces and bodies
fascinating and enjoys the challenge of representing her subject’s character through those shapes and shadows.

In Kelly’s Monochromatic Portrait series, she is presenting her subjects through bright, bold colour. These colours reflect the personality of the sitter. While the viewer studies these portraits, the sitter stares unflinchingly back.

Kelly’s ‘Play’ series has a sense of whimsy to it. The subject is drawn multiple times in each composition, engaged in a nostalgic game from childhood; playing both with and against themselves. There is an implied narrative in these compositions. One that may not always be obvious to the viewer, but they are encouraged to become a part of it.

Kelly enjoys the immediacy of drawing and as such, chooses to work mainly with drawing media. Coloured pencils, graphite, charcoals and chalks are her most-used media, though she will at times work with watercolours and acrylic paints.


kelly on NVRLND.

Working in the nvrlnd. studios has taken me out of my home-based studio where I worked in a solitary environment and did little to share what I was doing with others. Working in an environment with other artists has inspired me to push myself further and gain confidence to share my work. I love being able to see what others are doing in this little community and to be able to talk about the work being produced here. In addition to feeling like I am more a part of a community, having this space away from home distractions means I am more consistent in the time I spend working on my art. It is now an almost daily schedule here in the studios for me and I am producing more work than ever before.