Sam oN nvrlnd.

“I feel very fortunate to be a resident artist of nvrlnd. It has given me the opportunity to work + grow in a collaborative space; a place where I am continuously inspired by the amazingly talented, supportive, like-minded nvrlnd fam; a place that artistically motivates me to feel that  "grand ideas + dreams” can simply become a reality.”

Up-coming nvrlnd collaborations:

@d.i.t.r.o x @tiffanylynncuffley [ March 2019 ]

‘The Awareness Project ‘: @bb4ck x @nvrlnd x @projectnightlight [ June 2019 ]

Sam Mendoza.


“To me, what you wear is an extension of your personality, it’s what makes you original.”- SM

DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH ORIGINALS (D.I.T.R.O) is the moniker + life passion project of Calgary fashion artist, Sam Mendoza. This passion project stemmed from Mendoza’s life experience working in mental health services at the Centennial Centre of Mental Health & Brain Injury in Ponoka, Alberta where she grew up. Since founding D.I.T.R.O, Mendoza has strived to fund raise + raise awareness for charitable causes that she believes are worthy of attention. She personally collaborates with charities, fashion designers , artists, entrepreneurs, + local businesses to raise proceeds + awareness for social issues that impact communities throughout the world.

Through designing + producing small-batch, curated editions of charitable streetwear + accessories, Mendoza has established + grown D.I.T.R.O on the basis of giving back to the community in her own original way. She is fueled by the motivation to bring together a love for streetwear fashion + graphic art to carry forward her goal of ensuring every human being is reminded that they are worthy of love, hope, support + the right to pursue their passions in life.

D.I.T.R.O is about making a positive difference in the world, one charitable edition at a time, under Mendoza’s own #BeOG #DoGoodInYourHood movement.