Rachaels Hatala

I dream, live and breathe jewellery.

I have been making jewellery since i was a child, starting with stringing
beads then progressing to selling wire wrapped sea glass at my grandmothers
store when I was 12.

I was able to begin to translate all the designs in my mind when I took my
first silversmithing class in 2007.
I make every piece start to finish with my two hands and a few simple
tools. Working with reclaimed sterling silver and gold and responsibly
sourced semiprecious and precious stones, I use traditional goldsmithing
techniques such as filing, piercing, forming, soldering, and polishing to
create contemporary and functional designs.

I believe in getting my hands dirty in order to make something that will
last. I am a one woman show, and wear all the hats, from designer to
manufacturer, accountant to janitor.

I make jewellery to bring people joy. It brings me great satisfaction to
see someone walk away with a huge smile on their face and a piece of my
jewellery adorning their body or tucked in a box to be gifted to a loved
one. A piece to be cherished; a future heirloom.