Works By Myke Buckingham


Myke Buckingham.


Myke Buckingham received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media and Digital technology from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2013 and lives in Calgary, Alberta.

His primary practice is sculptural work created mostly with found object.

With a strong background in graffiti his sculptural work is an exercise in bringing 2D sketches to a 3D realization.


Myke on nvrlnd.

“I feel very fortunate to be part of nvrlnd. Any practicing artist knows it can be difficult to find studio space but nvrlnd. is so much more than just that. There is a great sense of community here, not only within our space but the neighbourhood as well. Since joining, I’ve been able to focus on my creative practice from a professional level – as well as use it as a venue to collaborate with other artists.