Photo By: Wyatt Bronson @BRASSBRICKS

Photo By: Wyatt Bronson @BRASSBRICKS


GHOAST STORIES | (location TBC), Calgary | OCTOBER 2019

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Mat Martel


Mat Martel is a Swiss Army Knife, digital artist, who knows he should specialize at some point, but loves all aspects of creation too much to play a favourite. He runs a multidisciplinary studio in room 315 called Moving Mountains, and works across various platforms including animation and motion design, branding, illustration and blemish removal. Working on projects across the country and globe, Mathieu brings almost 15 years of industry experience to every project, having collaborated with various artists, including bands such as Tokyo Police Club and July Talk, and companies like BBC, CBC, Molson Coors, and YTV. Most recently, he animated the paintings of local artist John Ross, for a pop up show at nvrlnd.’s Boutique Gallery. You can also see his work on display in every McDonalds across North America on the digital menu boards; if it moves, Mat made it move.

He is currently working on an exhibition titled Ghost Stories, that will feature Canadian artists writing and creating art for folktales that will run for all of October. At the same time he is underway on a short film titled Vulnerable Objects, featuring creature design by John Ross, and a story by Toronto author Brandon Ostrom.



Mat on NVRLND.

“The importance of the space provided at nvrlnd. cannot be overstated. It’s
an area that fosters the creative and collaborative spirit that drives
Moving Mountains Studio. The mere fact that, as a studio owner, I can walk
down the hall to talk with a music engineer and photographer, or stroll
upstairs to have a conversation with a fellow designer, or work out
creative problems with other artists in the lunchroom is invaluable.
Through having a studio in the nvrlnd. space, I’ve met and worked with
artists around the city, most recently animating the logos for Little Duck
Gallery, and creating the entire branding package for Engine Training.

In an increasingly insular, and isolated world, where a false sense of
connectivity is promoted to everyone from the moment we wake up, until the
moment we close our eyes, the importance of a creative space like nvrlnd. is
invaluable, and in my eyes, required, for a true sense of community in