Madison Hillman

Madison Hillman is a long time artist and new to the tattoo industry. After
graduating from ACAD in 2014, she spent years forming her artistic practice
into what it is today. Part of her practice is devoted to print work,
paintings, and other displays of her illustrations, the subjects of which
are mainly plant life and variations of the human figure. In this practice,
she explores various mediums and is constantly experimenting and
challenging her artistic vision. From prints, to clothing design, to
jewelry and more, she in constantly looking for new ways to display her
imagery. In the other portion of her practice is devoted to stick and poke
tattooing. After several years of planning, Madison opened her first
private studio at NVRLND YYC in December of 2018 with her studio partner
Lindsay. Together they design and work out of the space, allowing them the
opportunity to pursue their long term career goals in the tattooing


On Being A Part of NVRLND..

“NVRLND fell into our laps at exactly the rite moment in my career. My
studio partner and I came across NVRLND only weeks after we sat down to
begin the creation of our tattoo studio. Since finding the space, and after
much hard work and planning, we created the studio of our dreams. In only a
few short months since moving in, I have more than doubled my following on
social media and grown my client base at a rate I could not have imagined
possible. NVRLND allows my studio partner and I to pursue an artistic
practice that isn’t possible from just any kind of space. Given the early
stages of our career, we wouldn’t have been able to get the kind of start
that we were offered with this space. NVRLND has given us access to the
kind of space we needed at the capacity that we could afford as emerging
artists, and that is what they are offering to everyone. This space has
given me an incredible start to my long term career goals, and I couldn’t
have been luckier in finding this place. We are able to operate a small
scale business in an affordable environment, which is not something we
would likely be able to do almost anywhere else.”