Lindsay K.


Lindsay is one of two artists providing hand poked tattoos out of a shared space in Studio 416. While her artistic practice revolves primarily around machine free tattooing, she also works creatively in other mediums including illustration, embroidery, and jewelry making. With an educational background in environmental studies and urban geography, Lindsay is a self-taught artist whose work is deeply influenced by the ways in which humans and landscapes alter, restrict, and shape one another, as well as articulations of ecological fragmentation and resilience in urban space. She aims to create slowly and intentionally, using and reworking earth based or reused materials to the greatest extent possible. Through her work, she hopes to facilitate empowerment and heightened control over means of self-expression in her community.


Lindsay ON nvrlnd.

Our shared studio is the ideal space for our method of tattooing - it affords us a clean, quiet, private space to practice, and because of this, we’re able to provide our clients with an environment that feels welcoming and safe. It’s an affordable and comfortable place for us to work, and somewhere the two of us can share ideas and our other creative pursuits with each other and our clients. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by other artists who are accepting and supportive of our work, and whose diverse knowledge sets and creative pursuits give us such a great deal to learn from. Additionally, to be able to open our studio up to the public periodically is a way for us to share our work with a wider audience, and get to know the community around us – not only of other artists and makers, but of folks interested in all forms of art in our city and the surrounding community. We are incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to pursue our dreams here at nvrlnd.