Kerry Warner.


Kerry Warner grew up in various small towns in British Columbia and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta. Kerry earned her BFA in 2005 and her BEd in 2007, she has been working as an artist and teacher since graduating.

Over the years Warner has shown in Western Canada and the United States. Her work has been purchased for collections throughout Canada, the United States, and Asia and selected for various publications.

Warner defines herself as a process artist; whether she is working on abstract, metal works, or portraits; this allows the essence of each piece to rely solely on the process, techniques, and colours used.

Warner describes her paintings as an ever-deepening response to the history she has established with the media; it is a deconstruction of painting as a language resulting in substance and history in each piece that is reliant on the formal characteristics of the media and process.

Warner has since expanded her portfolio and has been experimenting with metal as a basis for her pieces. Using various patinas to create chemical reactions bringing to life a magnified depth to the metals she is working with. They are a balance between art and science that has become a new and exciting avenue of exploration. Many pieces being copper she has also begun working with stainless steel and bronze to continue to create new and expanding colour pallets applying several different techniques within each piece.