Jimmy M



Jimmy Munkaspeni is from Bedford, England. He got his Diploma in Art & Design before continuing to study art at the University of Wales in Cardiff, U.K. graduating in 1997 with a BA in Fine Art.

Jimmy exhibited and organized several independent group art shows while sidelining in poster illustration and backdrops for music clubs in the U.K. and Ireland before emigrating to Calgary, Canada in 2001 with his wife.

Jimmy exhibited work over the next few years at several galleries in Calgary and Montreal including Quab and Looks Could Kill in Calgary’s Art Central building, Motion Gallery and had a three month residency at the Creative Kids Museum.

Working primarily in the Lowbrow/ Pop Surrealism genre, Jimmy’s work received a solid local following. His paintings follow a twisted dreamlike narrative utilizing a vibrant color palette and dark sense of humor. Full of detail, recurring characters and hidden references they often take a while to fully decipher. Influences come from all forms of modern pop culture, primarily animation, comic books & literature, movies and tattoo culture. More recently his paintings have developed a more polished, realism driven centre with elements of painterly expressionism, reflecting his well known tattooing style.

Jimmy started tattooing in 2008. He has become widely recognized for his painterly style and creativity in original design. He currently works at Immaculate Concept Tattoo in Calgary, but also looks forward to picking up the paintbrush whenever he can.


Upcoming exhibitions will be at the Calgary Comic Expo and the Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival.