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Camille Elise Catherine.

"The simplest form of my passion is the idea that if we could all remind each other of how incredible we are on the days we forget, life would be a whole lot clearer to get through on those no good, terrible shit days. I began an apparel company on the back of this idea.

We hide small reminders in our designs of the characteristics we all sometimes forget about ourselves. To remind us that our perceived weaknesses are our strengths. To remind us we actually have climbed so many massive mountains that of course we can scale the one we’re facing today.

My company is Honest Language, and I believe the words we speak to ourselves matter the most. If you’d like to peel back another more personal biography onion layer, my website about me has got more of my tender self and humour galore.

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What Nvrlnd. Means to me.

As an artist, I am woefully new. In fact if it weren’t for nvrlnd. offering me the opportunity to create in a space here, artist would likely be far down the list of labels I claim for myself. A title I think I am still earning if I’m allowed to be a little vulnerable here.

I want to master the art of screen printing. I want all of my steps to lead me closer to using 100% environmentally conscious fabric and 100% socially conscious constructed. I want to one day get to a point where I master environmentally friendly water based inks. These are my first wobbly steps and I can’t imagine a better community to take them in than nvrlnd. I feel so humble, grateful, encouraged, eager, and downright damn delighted that I get to be a participant in this amazing space of exuberantly talented artists.