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Refresh | Vancouver | April 26+ 27

Market Collective | Calgary | May 24-27 2019

Inside Bramble’s NVRLND STUDIO

Inside Bramble’s NVRLND STUDIO





Bramble Lee Pryde has always questioned the process. Working under the
moniker Le Lou Ula, she is an interdisciplinary artist with a foundation in metalsmithing, sculpture, painting and photography. As a sculptor, she forges and casts wearable art in silver and gold, and hand builds functional wares and objects in porcelain. As a painter she creates abstracted landscapes that are a stripped-down version of her photography. Her work has been featured in Refinery29, CBC Life, PAPER Magazine, FASHION Magazine, Trendhunter, and has written articles for Makers Magazine, Art Zealous and Merrymen. She has shown her work in cities across Canada, including Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. As someone who grew up surrounded by addiction, she collaborates with groups and nonprofits that focus on safe spaces, rehabilitation, education and counselling, by donating proceeds from her online sales and her annual campaign F*ck Black Friday. Bramble’s current focus is creating objects and adornment that resonate as art and challenging the perception that craft and art cannot exist in the same space. She currently resides between the Rockies and The Badlands, where she combines her disciplines as a resident artist at NVRLND studios.


My practice is deeply rooted in intention, functionality and
sustainability, while embracing unconventional approaches and
outcomes. I am driven by storytelling and legacy while creating
distinct adornments and future heirlooms. In response to the culture
of over-consumption, I have spent the last six years working within
the slow design movement that prioritizes transparent practices,
craftsmanship, and longevity. This ethos allows me to take the time to
work through the design process and consider how each piece works with
the body in order to find the space where ethics meet aesthetics.


Bramble Working out of her NVRLND studio.

Bramble Working out of her NVRLND studio.


“Moving into NVRLND has been allowed me to workshop how I can combine
my disciplines in a studio that doubles as a meeting space and
showroom for my tiny team and clients. This has levelled up the way I
have been able to connect to clients directly and grow my visibility
locally. The versatility and autonomy of my studio has allowed me to:
Provide a meeting space for creatives that I collaborate with (Dote,
Fieldstudy, Stylists etc)
Have a consistent showroom for my retail and stylist partnerships
Schedule and work with photographers and talent onsite while shooting
lookbooks for new collections
Also, these rad af humans turned a casual conversation of wishing I
could have my space set up to work on all aspects of jewellery and
metalsmithing into one space into actually making it a reality. An
invaluable benefit to my creative process and brand.”

-Bramble Lee Pryde